Thursday, July 17, 2008


Creativity is one thing that can come from any place and requires only thought and imagination. So, how could that effect USA? Creativity is valued. People will pay for it. Now, How much?  It seems to depend on how much the creation impacts the user. Disney's stories impacted millions by providing a physical representation of an ideal. That impacts people who are looking to have emotional needs met. I'm thinking about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. If someone needs are physical, they are going to spend their resources on those needs. If they have the resources to meet their physical needs, they will want emotional, then spiritual fulfillment. However, even starving peope a  need love.  There must be some overlap.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the airport

Corned beef on rye for dinner. 2 hours in Chicago's O'Hare airport is just about long enough to sit and people watch. The airport now has free wi-fi and there are laptops out everywhere. On the plane from Manchester, I watched Brian Greene talk about super-string theory. Stephen Hawken did a presentation on expanding universe...He thinks offering alien-abduction insurance is a better bet than us humans making it another thousand years without being aliens ourselves. Then Jane Goodall talked about how much animals are like us and we are being beastly to our world. All this was on my iPhone via podcasts from TED. Wow! What an amazing world. Now my flight to San Francisco is oversold. What a world.

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