Tuesday, June 07, 2005

my little family

What a glorious day! God has blessed me so much! He has given me my health in abundance. I get to go out as often as I want, usually every other day and run three and one half miles. It isn’t easy, but the pain of exertion is quickly followed by a feeling of health and fitness; Thank God! God has also blessed me with people who care for me and help me in so many ways. Mary is always there to encourage me and motivate me to be my best. I can’t imagine where I would be without her support and love. Beccy is so grown up. I know she needs love and support just like we all do, She handles herself so well. She works hard and has a very nice little place; Go Beccy! Jenna is so special. Her smile can light up my world. I have never met a braver, more determined person in my life. She has something inside that scares her so much, but I have never seen anyone who works harder to overcome their worry-brain than Jenna. She is brave, beautiful, and smart, just like her sisters. Thank you, God! Natalie! Oh, Natalie! She is so full of life, love, and laughter. She seems to feel a connection with people; sometimes she will just come up and hug me just when I need it most. She is also always looking for the boundaries. If she gets a treat, she will try to set it up as an expected part of things. She will just keep asking for it again and again. God bless her! She laughs and she cries. God bless my girls! God bless Ben! He has such a good soul trapped in a mind that has been overwhelmed by life. He reaches out and needs us to care for him and love his gentleness and love. Thank you God!

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